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50 мыслей о “BUDAPEST IS BEAUTIFUL | Travel Hungary ??

  1. Eugenia Herkamto сказал:

    I did recall all the bridges, river boats, the park festival and I tried all kind of traditional bread, and bakery………music and so on……
    The churches and I found big Asian supermarket. I had lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Thanks to my friend who took me around Budapest……

  2. Daniel K сказал:

    You have no idea how much I love you for including the Hungarian folk music! I'm Canadian and 1st Gen-Hungarian and have family back in Budapest! I haven't been in 3 years and your wonderful shots of the city have brought me back!

  3. Tibby K сказал:

    Nice to see you walking the streets that I walked when I lived there. I’d recommend to go back springtime and go up to Normafa eat some “rétes” and get back down with chairlift after you had a coffee in View Cafe. Amazing. I like slo-mo too. Seems like you got a really good camera.

  4. Attila Szovan сказал:

    According to this video Budapest looks like an old, abandoned city full of graffities, crumbling houses, homeless and depressed people and bird shit. Humus bar and Christmas market? Really? Those are not even Hungarian. You as experienced world traveller should now that this video is bad publicity for the city. People who are watching it and never been there get a complete wrong impression of Budapest…

  5. rasel sharker сказал:

    Perfect shot, perfect music, parfect resolution, slow motion, awsome editing and everything with total effort what you have given is excelent, My opinion about this beautiful Budapest video with New Camara, obiously You have done a great job. Really have entertained. Let us know about your New Camara configuration. Enjoy their in Budapest Bro. May the ALMIGHTY GOD be with you always.. Thumbs up. ?

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