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Vlog #47. Longest travel day of my life and to top it all off i smashed my camera. Finished the day in beautiful Varanasi though so I can’t complain too much!

33 мысли о “BRUTAL 40 HOUR TRAIN RIDE – SMASHED MY CAMERA | India Travel

  1. RAJIV UTSAV сказал:

    I watch your videos and enjoy them. I have watched you train journey videos in India, Pakistan and Iran. Iran is quite developed compared to the other two countries. India and Pakistan more or less are equal.

    When you travel within Pakistan, you take the First-class train and appreciate it for its cleanliness and services. In Iran video, I saw you complaining about the delays in Indian Railways and also how difficult the journey was. What were you expecting when you take a third-class local train? If you wanted comfort then you should have travelled in Rajdhani, Shatabdi or any other train with AC. It's totally unfair to compare Pakistan's or Iran's good trains to India's third class train. Make a fair comparison. India's Rajdhani and Shatabdi or other express trains don't have such longdelays, the AC compartments are clean too. Your such unfair comparison might be misleading for the other travellers.

  2. Apostolos Serris сказал:

    Please,if you read this message,can someone inform me what's the song title beggining at 0:57 until 1:07 ? (the talking cow scene).It is only an intro of the song and it does not run longer so i am in a way left in the dark.If someone reads this,i would be very grateful to know the answer to my question.
    BTW,this channel is absolutely great !

  3. Larry Baley сказал:

    Your videos are great your saving me a lot of money . When I watch your videos. I can see which places I want to visit. You show real life not some travel brochure. Thanks for that. In addition to the sights. I also see how worn out you get by trying to do to much. You look totally worn out on camera. Most of the time. STOP SOMETIME AND ACTUALLY ENJOY YOURSELF.

  4. Sarvesh Tiwari сказал:

    Hi..dint like this video..i wonder what are you trying to prove by travelling in 3rd class and showing off those filthy videos of rats and dirt..we have excellent trains which are very luxurious and apt for wealthy foreign tourists like you..i watched your Iran train videos and dint like your derogatory comment on indian railways when you compared it to Iranian railway..!! Ours is the 4th largest railway network in the world.. and we are proud of it..and as a foreigner the least you can do is not show our railways in bad light!.. if you must..then show our luxurious trains too..which will put the best train of Iran to shame!

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