British Tourist Explores KUWAIT CITY الكويت‎ ??

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I explore Kuwait City, capital of the small nation of Kuwait الكويت‎, nestled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. My Social Media ▻ Instagram …

33 мысли о “British Tourist Explores KUWAIT CITY الكويت‎ ??

  1. A. Hakan Ozcan сказал:

    Best economic powers of Middle East countries are Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh , Doha cities. Arab tourists can't stay long in Istanbul or Ankara or Izmir as those arab countries are 1001 night arabic party zone, mystical, very modern, always hot weather with turqouse waters. Those arab countries are richest per se in the world, we turks can never own those cars, limousines in our lifetimes.

  2. Thailand Expat сказал:

    How are you surviving the lockdown in Kuwait? Looks like you are there in Kuwait at this time. I personally, will be moving to Kuwait as soon as it re-opens the airport. I am stuck in Egypt waiting to travel ti Kuwait. Love ot meet up for coffee/dinner sometime. I will be in Kuwait working on some military work at local Military bases.. but plan to be in Kuwait for 1 yr.

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