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Birmingham – a place of historic and architectural significance yet with a culture of constant renewal. Discover the best places to visit and be inspired by one of …

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  1. Ibrahim Goob сказал:

    Good video but i think this is centred too much to the city centre. There are loads more places outside the city Centre such as; Moseley Village, Sutton Park which is one of the largest urban parks in Europe, Villa Park which is where the Football league, the first league competition was formed, Edgbaston Cricket Ground, one of Englands National grounds, The NEC, Resorts World, Soho House etc etc.

  2. Turrican60 сказал:

    What a complete cock-up. Despite the title given to this production, the video obviously promoted the interests of the City of Birmingham only…so why bother including images of the City of Wolverhampton when they clearly have no place being there? For instance, since when was St. Peter's Collegiate Church located in Brum? It's laughable. Either make separate videos about the two neighbouring cities, or completely omit Wolverhampton's name on a video that is obviously and laughably erroneous. Folks from outside the West Midlands may know no better, and I don't expect them to…but Wulfrunians most certainly do.

  3. The mad gamer сказал:

    All the brum haters in this video there is a way to prove the brum lovers that Birmingham is a terrible place. All what you have to do is type Birmingham UK in the search bar press enter, scroll down and most videos you'll find will relate to crime.

  4. Adi B сказал:

    Birmingham has a lot of history and things to do. It is also developing heavily to get ready for the commonwealth games in 2022. It is also lot cheaper than other major cities in terms of hotels and bars. There are some issues with it but all cities have it. I love Birmingham (Wolverhampton not so much lol).

  5. Phil OMT сказал:

    Some of the comments on here are disgraceful and have been made, I suspect, by people masquerading as Brummies. I’ve introduced people from Australia, Canada, South Africa and elsewhere to Birmingham and all have loved the city. Why? Because they came with enthusiasm and open minds, rather than to sneer and look for things to dislike.

    As the video shows, Brum has many treasures, some more hidden than others. There are places not shown in this video, including the Town Hall, Centenary Square, St Paul’s Square, Ikon Gallery, the Barber Institute, Cannon Hill Park and the Botanical Gardens. The German Christmas Markets are rightly renowned. The city has some fabulous pubs and the gastro scene is buzzing. However, Brum’s greatest treasure is probably its people, who are warm, funny and down-to-earth; the perfect antidote to London’s bolshiness.

    Brum is not perfect. The skyline is still quite brutalist, the ring roads are still chock-a-block with traffic and the city has some run-down areas. This is changing though. The city plays host to the Commonwealth Games in 2022 and some of the less pristine areas of the city centre are undergoing a renaissance. Skyscrapers are rising, warehouses are being converted and the metro system is being extended, with new lines planned. One of these lines will take you to the Black Country Living Museum, setting for some of Peaky Blinders‘ most atmospheric scenes.

    So yes, ignore the trolls and the snipes of the London media. Birmingham is a proper city with plenty to offer. Come and see for yourselves.

  6. Richard Dunne сказал:

    After London and the Liverpool docks, Birmingham was the most bombed city during WW2. Hence why it needed to rebuild quickly after the war finished. It had to, out of necessity, build with little consideration to form and function and in the process created swathes of concrete buildings etc to try to rebuild itself. Got the reputation of being a concrete jungle. However if people care to actually look around it still has remarkable buildings old and new and probably is now the best city in the UK in successfully merging the past with the present.

  7. Sergey сказал:

    Wonderful city as well as the whole country ! Beautiful nature landscapes, unique architecture of the past amid modern one. Glad to listen to a bit of history and know about origin of customs and traditions. Thanks a lot !

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