26 мыслей о “BEST THING ABOUT AMERICA ??(Travel Ban?)

  1. Dorothy Brooks сказал:

    You literally spent less than 30 seconds on Best Thing About America. The rest was about how we are getting it wrong. I am sure the people of Iran and Persian culture are great but the Iranian government's nuclear program is not. They have threatened the US over and over again. They extort money from the US, make treaties and then break them. When people (or this case, a government) show you who they are, believe them.

    It is also said that the Iranian government provides arms and money to terrorist groups. I don't know if this is true. I do not like Bolton nor do I endorse his war mongering; However, we would be foolish not to take Iranian threats seriously.

    And, I probably do not need to mention that Iran also held 444 American hostages for 14 months from '79 to '81.

    As I said at the beginning of this post to your vid, you spent less than 30 seconds talking about what America is doing right. You might want to look a little deeper at your home country to find 1 or 2 more redeeming qualities.

  2. عبدالمجيد متعب сказал:

    Peter you are wrong about Saudi Arabia behind 9/11. All Saudis love America, even religious scholars do not hate America. This is wrong thinking. Those behind 9/11 are enemies of Saudi Arabia, and we know that. We are a peaceful people to the farthest degree, and Saudi politics is moving in the same direction as we, but the Western media paints a different and different picture from us. We do not have a problem with Iran, but Iran's policy has fought against us and did everything to create chaos in our country

  3. ss tr сказал:

    Regarding your interest in saudi and your visits I recommend you to watch العاصوف it is a strong saudi drama from two parts and we are waiting the third. It will show you how people of bad religion thoughts from north and west countries around saudi they spread the bad thoughts inside and this is true and not very far away!! While most of the people were and still very friendly and have good hearts.This is what MBS trying to do, just return back to the truth of saudi people. You should watch it but find translator ?

  4. romcomfan сказал:

    Most Americans don’t want a ban the ACLU even sued to stop it. We are against the unconstitutional ban which is just one of the many reasons why we want Trump out of our White House. He has already been impeached now it’s time to put pressure on the senate to remove him

  5. Rowarst сказал:

    Interesting take.
    BUT, as a native American who's travelled widely and lived abroad, who's studied American history and whose family are thoroughly rooted in its soil, I think that Mr. Santenello mistakes "what's best about America":

    It is NOT that the country gathers immigrants from every land and nationality (which, in fact, it largely did not for the first half of its existence — Mr. Santenello's own grandparents arrived only very recently); but, rather, that America has shown that the ordinary man or woman can govern himself, without prince or prelate, directly responsible to God, himself, and his neighbor for his own actions.

    The current immigrations — mostly criminal from Latin America and Africa, largely Mohammedan and self-seeking from elsewhere — are of people who have shown that, indeed, they neither can nor want to assimilate into a culture which values honesty, integrity, charity, and voluntary participation in every aspect of life. That, more than the ignorance and disease which many carry, is the real harm caused to America today.

  6. Andrii Auziak сказал:

    I'm sorry Ser, but you can't be serious about that. If not Iran, war in Siria could end long ago, the same for war in Yemen. Also Iran openly proclaimed their main goal to destroy Israel, for this purpose they even made nuclear weapon. USA can't just send their army to conquer Iran and kill/imprison their ruler, expirience gained in Iraq proved that strategy as wrong one. So unfortunately sanctions are the less US can do.

  7. Living among vultures сказал:

    you know buddy ! politic turn around money and politicians are dummies . iran does not pay enough and its the reason that this country is banned . on the other hand saudi pays enough to do every fucking job in their region and even in Us land . got it ?

  8. Naimeh Masumy сказал:

    Well, instead of being pleasantly surprised by Iran's cultural and social landscape, change U.S media outlet's agenda "cough" Fox News "cough" to get an authentic presentation of Iran. Also, try to vote for a real progressive candidate like Bernie Sanders who can bring some civility back to U.S political realm. Your government is spewing misinformation about so many countries to distract U.S people from the economic disparity … Needless to say the "successful" business model in America is just working for the top 10 percent and the vast majority has gotten the short end of the stick….

  9. ImLostSoulz сказал:

    I'm all for the ban.. Better safe than sorry. I would put Saudis on the list. The reason for Iran to be on the list is because of the video of Iranians burning the american flag and that their government is known to support and fund terrorist groups. I've done research on Islam and I dont think muslims should be coming to America. Jus recently theres a mosque in Pennsylvania that had these muslims singing about cutting heads off. I saw your videos of Iran and loved the vids and the people you meant. It's a shame their government/ corrupt has made the Iranians look bad when most Iranians are fighting for their freedoms. I still remember a woman by the name of Neda that was protesting against their current system and some dumb Muslim shot her because she was to beautiful and wearing makeup. I've done alot of research and that ban isnt because of trump. That ban was because of Obama. Trump jus enforced it because alot of those countries on the list does have terrorists in it and I'm sure Iran is no different.. Not saying all Iranians are terrorists but theres some that do support it. Also want to add the corrupt elites wants to take down Iran.. it was planned right after 9 11.. I can show you evidence that Iran might be next and it's because of the corrupt elites. None of this has to do with trump. It's the intelligence agencies and the corrupt people inside them and around the world. Remember the CIA kept information from our president to get us into Vietnam.. it's the corrupt wanting regime change.. I do think some regimes needs to change but not forced by our government. The Iranians needs to get rid of the corrupt jus like we need to get rid of our corrupt like the obamas,clintons,bushs,ect..

  10. Amir hossein j сказал:

    thank you so much for your support.I want to say that you are not a first traveler from US or other countries who found what's really going on in iran and what's look like and try to say it to the world this showing Iranian society have something special.I hope some day we can live like any other free country:)

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