BEST CITY in Egypt ??أحلى مدينة في مصر

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32 мысли о “BEST CITY in Egypt ??أحلى مدينة في مصر

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    A huge thank you to 80K subscribers and 200 vlogs! Hope you enjoy this video, guys, a very special day it was, one of my favourite days in Egypt so far. I love this part of the country, still so much to explore. Egypt has so much to offer and I have only seen small parts of it but I am loving the small parts that I have seen so far. See you in the next one, cheers! Nick ??

  2. ronnie wilhite сказал:

    hi i like your video , i wonder maybe if you can go back to kenya ?? i will be in Nairobi kenya, but i will be arriving to kenya on april 14th i think !! i am leaving america on april 13th to go back to kenya because of my wife, mt wife lives in Turbo that is name of town and its 6 hours away from Nairobi but anyway it be nice to meet you in person if thats happens ill be staying there for 3 months to help my wife get visa then we all come back home to america,,,,,,anyway hopefully you can contact me soon thanks for the show and did good job on your tourist ,, from rw

  3. Nadia Subri сказал:

    الراجل ده نيوزيلاندي مع انه هما و الاستراليين لهجتهم قريبه من بعض، وبلده مليانه سهول وجبال وشواطئ ومناطق حاره وبارده، ومع كده مصر عاجباه قوي ،وهي دي الناس اللي بتقدر الحضارات القديمه فعلا، مش السياح السكارى اللي عايزين يستحموا بشويه شمس.

  4. Burger King сказал:

    I’m Egyptian but I’ve never been to Aswan, but I should given my grandmother’s side of the family is from Aswan and how gorgeous it is! Those were beautiful shots you took on top of that tower, great work!

  5. Mohamed Mohamed сказал:

    Did you know my friend that the first doctor in the world has manufactured the heart of an Egyptian industrial sexual has been honored by the Queen of England Did you know that he was born in Aswan and has a specialized center for the treatment of the heart for free in Aswan You should visit the name of this doctor Majdi Jacob

  6. Nadia сказал:

    That was magnificently done! My niece is watching with me & we feel like we should be getting up & leaving the cinema now. Kudos to you. (btw my niece just couldn't stop staring at you – her eyes were like saucers). You are a good looking guy though. Very good looking. Again, that was brilliantly done – a really wonderful production of a beautiful place.

  7. candicesj сказал:

    Thanks for the cool vlogs, I love the way you show us the views. I hope to visit Aswan someday. I've spent the vast majority of my time in Egypt in Cairo and I'd love to experience something completely different like Aswan 🙂

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