BANGLADESH: Rohingya Refugee Interview ??

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26 мыслей о “BANGLADESH: Rohingya Refugee Interview ??

  1. Ali сказал:

    Can't believe this is happening in 2020. Its horrible no words can describe the misery the people from Rohingya are being massacred underneath the noses of the world most riches and powerful country can't do anything to stop it. Burma is 5 times the size of Bangladesh with a tiny population compared to Bangladesh.. Bangladesh should evade Burma and take over it completely.

  2. User сказал:

    I would say this is really one-sided. Watch this: Just so you know, rohingya massacred hundred or so hindus before driven out. Most muslims, not all, around the world are supporting the rohingyas just because they are muslims. Ask yourself if you would start supporting the Burmese government if the religion of the sides changes. It's better to know well about both sides before supporting. I don't support any sides because the real cause is yet to be known. No one knows if the so called ethnic cleansing has really happened. It is just the western media and the UN portarying it.

  3. Min Si Thu сказал:

    This is very easy to know…the people who speak Bangali language and even their appearance never looks like a Myanmar couldn’t be Myanmar ethnic. First of all, Myanmar government let them to have green card (PR). After that a lot of Bangali refugees coming to Rakhine state suppose to pretend Myanmar ethnic. I gonna advice u, u should give them some contraceptive pill or condom instead of this stupid interview.
    PS I never mention about religion.

  4. Art Vandelay сказал:

    I wish one day we can wake up in a world full of peace and harmony. No more poverty, no more wars and no more hunger. Love will always conquer hate. It is up to each and every one of us to end the hatred in our hearts and stop being so greedy. There is enough food for us all. Enough land for us all. Enough shelter for us all. God tells us to show mercy, to be peaceful, to be generous so let's all teach our children these things rather than teach them to hate and be selfish. They are our future and hope for a better world. Peace ❤

  5. Shirley Greer сказал:

    I'm so so sorry that you all have to go threw's so hard to comprehend that this is going on in this day of age!! OMG five hundred thousand of people who are living in refugee camps!!! They are just like any other religions they will stand up for what they believe..just like me I'm Cristian and I would lay down my life for my faith!!! God will prevail.. maybe not in this life but definitely in your next!! I like to think of it this way.. religion is for people who fear hell and spirituality is for people who have been there!!! I'm a Christian and proud of it and there is only one God who loves us all and he truly cares what happens to us all..we can't question our Father but to only put ALL your trust in him..I will suffer from this world to go where I'm going and that's eternity with my Heavenly Father AMEN!!!!!! Hallelujah Jesus Christ is coming to get his people!! Trust and believe with ALL Your Heart's….

  6. scaggs1984 сказал:

    Why did they start killing them? I bet the truth is that there was alot of corruption and criminal behaviour associated with the Rohingya. Its like it is taboo to speak of these things. I am just offering up a different perspective. I have noticed that sometimes poeple do not speak about certain aspects of certain cultures for fear poeple will assume they are lying. The reason I am saying this is because I have experienced people thinking I am despicable for the fact that I noticed some dirty secrets about a population of people. No one believed me. I am not defending murder but all I am saying is that there might be more to the story.

  7. sahadat hosen сказал:

    the question about the satisfaction of UN s work for the rohyngas was answered partially, the answer is " we hardly get food, a handful food in a month which is not totally enough.. and whatever they get they have to get them through so much humiliation.. " and the view point about Islam after this genocide by buddis.. is strong because the MUSLIM community help them while the other religion is making them suffer.. and they willingly educated their children about Islam and they will do till the end of the life..

  8. Leonard Bullock сказал:

    Nick, it's rather obvious from your interview that you have no professional training as a journalist. In some ways your lack of articulation is unfortunate. Your question about religion was so vague that this man, nor your translator could flesh it out. Nonetheless, the pathos of this interview; your genuine empathy is indelible. I am even tempted to say that there's an elements of a conversion metamorphosis.
    Obviously, this sort of story was an unintended trajectory in your wandering. But you have not tried to place it at a distance, so as to regain your traveling and discovery of the world through that travel. You dealt with it emotionally. You responded emotionally, and your viewers, in turn, were effected. We could not help but be.
    I will return to follow where you go Nick, because your circumference continues to widen,
    not only geographically, but spiritually.
    You're a Mensch, man.

    Slàinte mhath,

    Leonard Bullock

  9. A сказал:

    Just because western countries are willing to import and tolerate jihad to show how “virtuous” they are does not mean they should expect other countries, in this case Myanmar, to adopt the same suicidal policies and attitude.

  10. Albert Chehade сказал:

    Apparently, your 'translator' is misleading you (from the comments below).
    Perhaps he is a 'transformer' rather than a translator.

    You should send a copy of this video and have it professionally translated then re-upload it with the correct translations.

  11. Asmani Islam сказал:

    few min ago ong sun suchi blame bangladesh! she said we stoped rohingas to back their home!! is she mad! she & her govt. killed almost 1000000 rohinga people whose dead bodies came on our ocean(coxbazer& naf river).bangladesh army & general people take their dead bodies & put it in grave& she is telling bbc we are stopping them!! this lady is somuch ediot.(angry feelings are coming as a citizen of bangladesh.)

  12. NUNNA URBIZNEZ сказал:

    Personally, I think we will not see peace between cultures until religion becomes extinct. All reliogions profess to be kind to others and peace loving, yet many who practice religion do horrific and unjust things in the name of their so called peaceful religion. I am a spiritual person who finds that love without definition or worship to a particular dirty works best for me.

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