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VLOG #148. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section PATREON: or if you prefer PayPal for a one off …

27 мыслей о “BANGLADESH IS INCREDIBLE | Exploring Dhaka

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    Hope you enjoyed this video guys, I sure did! Video upload times will be a bit sporadic for the rest of the time i'm in Bangladesh due to poor internet connections in remote areas. But trust me when I say, there is some epic content on it's way so stay tuned! Thank you for watching as always, appreciate ya! Nick ✌❤?

  2. shahjan. br сказал:

    Noise, noise, noise and noise. Most noisy city in the univers for ever.
    And also want to say that you’ve visited the old Dhaka that is very much dirty and noisy. But you should visit the better new Dhaka.

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