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Witness all the incredible things that Macedonia has to offer. Thank you for watching #VLOG 97! As always leave me a comment with your thoughts of this video.


  1. Dimitar Veljanovski Dev сказал:

    Macedonian definitely has a bad situation with street dogs. Even in the cities, there are a lot of them.
    This one time I was returning from the gym pretty late at night and I decided to jog back home because I skipped cardio that day to get back home and study. I put my headphones on and start jogging. As I was running and as a song was changing, in the middle between 2 songs I heard barking. I turned around to see 3 dogs running after me at full speed. It was too late to act tough and tell at them, they already saw me running and thought I was afraid of them so I looked for the best solution which was to climb a fence and enter someone else's house. The dogs kept barking and the owner came out and saw the situation. Luckily he had pepper spray. He sprayed the dogs and they ran away. I was still weary of the dogs tracking me down by sent or something so I didn't put my headphones on and walked home while looking over my shoulder.
    And this is not just 1 incident. this just happened to be the worst one. I also had another run-in with a street dog just fee months ago when I was forced to kick it. This much trouble with street dogs in a city with over 70000 people is unheard of. They started an animals shelter a few months ago but that didn't help much.
    I know this is a bit long. Just wanted to write this so if any other tourist like you wants to come to Macedonia, they should pack s pepper spray. People wont attack you but dogs might. And the worst part is they usually gather in groups of 2-5 dogs.

  2. Vladimir Ristevski сказал:

    Amazing. You just missed one more important town, Bitola. The city was highly influenced by the Turks in the Ottoman era, so there are many strctures such as the Clock tower from the 16th century, also for you as a mountain lover, there is the National Park Pelister, second biggest and the most beautiful national park in Macedonia with its own endemic spieces (over 15) existing only here on Mountain Baba with summit Pelister (2601m).
    You have to come back! 🙂

  3. BIGJED75 сказал:

    We hate street dogs as well. Honestly I thought we were going to get killed in Thailand. We were surrounded by a pack of about 8 dogs, only thing that saved us was a car came around the corner and it gave us time to get away.


    If you come back to Macedonia visit Kanjon Matka Skopje,Mountin in Prilep with moneatry in Prilep and castle on mountan of king Marko in Prilep,Bitola,Berovski izvori,Ohrid Sv.Naum,Vevcanski Izvori,Biljanini Izvori and Samouel's fortness Ohrid….

  5. Sebastian Becker сказал:

    Mhm, interestingly: The street dogs in Macedonia seem to be more aggressive than those in Bulgaria. The one's in BG are always so tired & sad, they have no interest / energy to bark at anyone (despite, sometimes, themselves, but only during night time). Most barking dogs are, in some way, connected to a used property / have an owner. I guess it's always best to ignore them and don't care too much.

    Awesome content, btw. – thanks to you, Macedonia (and Lebanon) are now on my bucket list for 2019. I'm pretty sure I'm / we're going to visit both countries. <3

  6. Rickard сказал:

    I like wandering/trekking and sometimes I meet dogs that are loose. It can be a scary experience at times. Last month I was walking and suddenly a pitbull approached me near a house and started barking at me. I shouted for help and swung my backpack. The dog gave up. I hate it when people keep their dogs loose. The wild animals in Sweden are generally not dangerous but dogs can be. I've got bitten by a small dog once, a neighbour's dog actually. Well, it wasn't too bad but it was still annoying.

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