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  1. Al-Fath сказал:

    Diqqet, butun Azerbaycanlilardan Xahish edirem bu reyimi like etsinler ve kanalima yazilsinlar. Bizim istehsal etdiyimiz yaglar minlerle insana Allahin izni ile komek olmushdur. Bize destek olun. ?? comment from Azerbaijan. ??

  2. Av63PNT0 сказал:

    President Borat of the banana republic of Azerbaijan ?? is so loved by his people he made his wife Vice President ? he has 86% of the vote the highest of any leader except kim jung un of North Korea. He such a great leader that his people dont need or want freedom of speech or press, God bless president Borat ??

  3. Super Haze сказал:

    How do cities like Minsk and Baku keep the streets so clean from trash and graffiti? Seriously. Do they pay the cleaners ridiculous salaries, are the laws for littering/vandalism way more intense? As an Urban Planner, it blows my mind…. whether it is economically driven or cultural.

  4. VJ сказал:

    Another petro-dollars video, paid and orchestrated by this so called country of Azerbaijan to legitimse itself as a real country
    Azerbaijan minus Armemian teritirories is part of the greater IRAN called ARRAN and SHIRVAN.

  5. Orkhan Aliyev сказал:

    Thank you! Azerbaijan really need these kind of attentions from overseas. I really enjoyed your video. Wish you the best of luck for your further trips.

    P.s useful tip: More than 92% of Azerbaijani people have same nationality as Turkish people and we call it as " One Nation and Two Countries" ????

  6. Everette Epting сказал:

    You’re so good. I want to start a Chanel for seniors. Would you be interested in helping me get folks out there? It would take some science. It would make a lot of seniors enjoy their lives.
    I’ve traveled my whole life. Get back to me on my travel experiences.

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