AZERBAIJAN: Authentic Local Experience ??

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34 мысли о “AZERBAIJAN: Authentic Local Experience ??

  1. Jim Haines сказал:

    What is the attraction to the LADA's as in a Russian built clone of a Fiat that the Italians made cheaper so they could build them in Russia and sell them under a license Is it just a reminder of the cold war days as they were not well thought of outside the Iron Curtain were they didn't have a lot of choices for anything. The Italians traded partial payment in steel for their own cars and some of them prematurely rusted so badly they had to buy the cars back because the fell apart. Because the Russians needed outside currency so badly back in day they shipped most of the spare parts to non block countries where they tried to sell them first and owners would ask friends overseas to buy parts and send them back to Russia to try and cars fixed.

  2. Taylor Buchanan сказал:

    I’m obsessed with watching your videos. I started watching some from your India travels. Then watched all the Iran and Iraq ones. And now I’m here. Good work! I enjoy the connections you make and cultural experiences you show. ??

  3. George сказал:

    Been to Azerbaijan, and been to Armenia. Gotta say Armenia is way better place to visit then Azerbaijan. Just Saying.
    And I know them countries are at war, but the people and the food is much better in Armenia. Oh ya and the girls are beautiful in Armenia.

  4. Raphael Dominic сказал:

    Indigo Traveller has a real sense of traveling as he goes, taking once experience at a time in a very mindful manner. He portrays himself as a humble, curious, and respectful traveler. He seems to appreciate the little things, small exchanges with local people which help shed light on their daily activities and customs. I find his approach to travel very inspiring as he combines his love for nature with a genuine curiosity for the unknown. Knowingly or not, his videos are very ethnographic (anthropological) because he looks into the ways in which individuals of a certain region live their lives. This open approach to travel appears to be very well received, which shows how an open mind can lead to wonderful exchanges in any part of the earth. Thanks for your videos and your attempts to broaden your own horizons as well as our own.

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