AT THE IRAQ – IRAN BORDER ?? (Don't Feel Safe)

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44 мысли о “AT THE IRAQ – IRAN BORDER ?? (Don't Feel Safe)

  1. Rub Benn сказал:

    Ive been dreaming to go to Iraq. Ive been watching your video the whole, yes literally the whole dude. Especially the hitchhiking part. Man, how did you do that. I am so inspired. Gives me the urge to actually go to middle east. Especially Iraq.

  2. Mian Jalal сказал:

    Same thing happened to me! I was in Rawalpindi chaklala scheme 3, there is a military compound where all the top Generals and the cheif of Pak army and stuff meet. I had my camera and hella pak army soldiers stopped me, good thing I asked one before hand I could filming he said no towards the compound but facing away form it sure, I walked a like for 5 mins, to find a money exchange market but I found out I was going the wrong direction, I had to go back and I had my headphones on and an Army officer standing of the gate started using his whistle to call me, I had my earphones so I couldn’t hear him, someone told me he is calling me, I went without any fear, before he could ask me anything, I played a psychological game, and asked him a question first, I was like where is the money exchange shops, he was like over there and then he asked me a few other. question, I walk to more than a 100 feet and get stopped by more soldiers because I had passed them like 10 mins ago and here I was coming back the same route with a camera Nd I was wear all black! And I was wear S.W.A.T (military) boots ???‍♂️??‍♂️ I wasn’t sacred though for some reason, and I guess that’s cuz ima a Pakistani first of all and living in America and being a civil rights activist and standing up for my rights and stuff… anyways that’s my lil story! ??‍♂️? I have a vlog if it coming soon

  3. khalifa F10 сказал:

    Any country where there is an (Iranian goverment interfering) is collapsed and destroyed .. look at Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan …. I am not talking about the Iranian people but their corropted regime…. everywhere they go they destroy.

  4. Marco M сказал:

    Iran.. Just such an amazing country . I would move there, and live all my life there. The amazingly hot wind, the climate, the people, the food have the Sun inside. Developed western countries give me the work I need to make a living, otherwise I would just live my life in these places, because I am so bored and tired of the west. And our fake freedoms, having been in China and living in Finland now I don't feel any more free here than when I used to live in China. Its just that in China you know you are under a dictatorship. Here we all are, it s just behind the scenes. Covered.

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