ARRIVING AT BASE CAMP! Everest Base Camp Trek Day 8

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Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek, Day 8. Thank you for watching #VLOG 139. Leave me a comment with your thoughts of the video. Cheers, Nick. Would you like to …

38 мыслей о “ARRIVING AT BASE CAMP! Everest Base Camp Trek Day 8

  1. Enad Evanz сказал:

    Incredible video mate as always! I remember my journey there for about a couple of years ago. Its been an amazing experience. Despite of exhausting walk and climbs, thin air and unpredictable weather but it is satisfying and its worth the effort. Cheers!

  2. Brandi Mackinnon сказал:

    This so brilliant. I’m curious as to how much refuse you saw during your trek. I’ve read accounts of a lot of litter on Everest and its environs. So sad that people leave junk/used up gear in such a beautiful majestic place. If you haven’t trekked in Canada I recommend the Kootenay Glacier in British Columbia. Safe travels. ♥️

  3. Julia Manalo сказал:

    ohhh!!! that was sooo amazing–as always..videos bout everest never stop to charmfascinates me–u're one BLESSED creation bein able to experience everest again ???–am envious!
    ..i'd read bout the "devisonian race" (?!) from which (high possibilities) these sherpas hath gotten their ability to stand high altitude–such awesome traits!!!

  4. mo786 сказал:

    Thank you for another great video Nick, let us know how much weight you've lost and how you coped with altitude sickness once you complete your epic journey! hope Jeff made it back down safe?

  5. Good Goy сказал:

    I can't wait until you get loads of subscribers and start getting a lot of views so you have a very large budget. I for one welcome a full-time Indigo Traveller and an Indigo with no boundaries

    Congratulations on getting 14k subs!

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