An American Observing Sanctions in Iran ??

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American sanctions on Iran are affecting the country dramatically. MY IRAN VIDEOS …

22 мысли о “An American Observing Sanctions in Iran ??

  1. negin Nil сказал:

    I saw a video on YouTube about sanctions and the shortage of medicine in Iran. And he wanted to say that Iran is a country whose people hate the United States! I read the opinions of the Americans and many of them were upsetting, they were happy and considered the punishments worthy of our country. It shouldn't be like this 🙁

  2. سروش حسین زاده сказал:

    Iran is really a good country and has a rich culture, history and civilization and has the best and kindest people in the world.

    Iranians love everyone in the world and have no ethnic, religious or racial problems.

    Iranians love all human beings.

    Greetings to Iran and Iranians. ایرانی ها برای سربلندی ایران لایک کنید .

  3. THE JESTER сказал:

    Thanks man that's very nice of you.
    Us Iranians we just want peace and freedom just like any other human wants.we hate our politics just like we hate your politics for setting these devastating sanctions.but I personally love americans❤
    @eh_san_r this is my instagram acc feel free to text….

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