ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN ?? (pусские субтитры)

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20 мыслей о “ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN ?? (pусские субтитры)

  1. t z сказал:

    I’m from this country. It’s one of the most corrupt places in the world. Police imprisons and kills political activists. We used to have an emerging and interesting art scene in the 90s with beautiful and fragile Independent voices, cool music and nice humans wanting to change the community for the better. But they’re all murdered, imprisoned and driven out of the country, ‘thanks’ to the corruption, crime and dictatorship. As of 2020 most young people take cheap drugs and have alcohol addiction, because anyone can buy all of it pretty much anywhere. Children and women are being raped and beaten every day by ‘real men’. Crime levels are one of the highest in the world: banditry, fraud and money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, to name a few. Anyone can be mugged and killed in the central part of the city in broad daylight. There are no basic human rights. The ratio of police units per capita is one the highest in the world too. And yet there would be no one to protect you from all those crimes. The suicide rate among children is the 2nd highest in the world just after Russia and the 3rd among adults. In general people are very bad to each other. They might seem smilie on camera, but it’s just a facade. They’ll always have a second, non-camera, unflattering opinion on you. If you start a business and become successful independently the thugs and weaponised scum will either try to racket your business or suck out all your earnings until you go fully bankrupt. The native population lives beyond the level of poverty. The education system which “costed” the government a few billion dollars has failed to produce any talent as everyone young and more or less sane is inclined to learn the foreign language and leave as far as they can. There’s a growing disintegration between all types of fractions and ethnicities. Common things are xenophobia, racism, misogyny, antisemitism, homophobia, radicalism and other modern day societal maladies. The historical culture is being severely skewed, ridiculed and trivialised by the urban population therefore the native population coming to cities acts up aggressively towards everything and everyone, or it’s the other way around, basically it’s a vicious cycle of never ending hate between fractions. In general people are very rude and would not stand individuality and someone else’s excellence or success. The work ethic is so bad and on a very low standard. People always mess up deadlines, never come prepared, unprofessional and impossible to communicate with. They’d quickly resort to ‘hamstvo’ , a type of pathetically rude protective behaviour that comes ingrained with the Russian language. Well I can keep listing things on and on if you like.

  2. Sandu сказал:

    Надо переименовать на Казактар или на Казакели. Стан – русское слово,где они прозвали наши страны азиатские ,как бы станциями КАЗАХ-СТАНция,УЗБЕКИ-СТАНция и т.д. СТАНциями,приСТАНищем,СТАНицами и т.д.

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