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Made it to a new destination, love this country sooo much! Thank you for watching #VLOG 127. Leave me a comment with your thoughts of the video. Cheers …

49 мыслей о “AIR INDIA, FULL REVIEW | DUBAI – DELHI | BOEING 787-8 (Dreamliner)

  1. Nadia сказал:

    Omg what a dump. Swiss people are nice too – & they have great mountains thrown in. My dad told me when I was weenie little – "poor people are always nice… they can afford it" 😉 true.

  2. Anurag Gupta сказал:

    The food on your second leg of air India flight was a south Indian platter.
    1. Those white round cakes are called 'Idli' it's made of a fermented batter of rice.
    2. The other grainy stuff is called 'upma' made of semolina.
    3. The curry like slightly bitter thing is 'saambhar' it's made of pulses and vegetables.
    It's the most common meal you will find on air India flights with in the subcontinent. ?

  3. Karin B сказал:

    I'm just beaming. I have a place in my heart for Nepal, too – for a long time. I've never been, though! I've had life connections and friends who've lived there. Since I can't go there soon, I'm truly going to relish your videos until it's more possible for me to go there. Thank you so much!! Have fun! ???✌?

  4. Mylon Ash сказал:

    We completely understand your feeling toward Nepal. It's a feeling of recognition and satisfaction. We have been tracking your travels on a world map and doing a bit of research with the kiddos about each country. We look forward to these Nepal videos. Once again, great work! Hey, as you said we increased our support thru Patron. We feel strongly about your channel and your approach to travel. Thank you!

  5. IFly Aviation сказал:

    Even I love Air India my national airline they gave me the best flight of this year! Glad you loved flying my national airline last time you had 150 likes and 190 dislikes on your last Air India Express video even my perspective was charged after flying them love you mate you deserve more subscribers

  6. Julia Manalo сказал:

    am ready for all ur videos–and with ram (of ram mountain adventures)..amlovin all his videos! u'll be trekking my dream HIMALAYAS..and tibet too–india..nepalhimalayas tibet my two dream places to visit!!
    ..ingatz ka!!!..GODBEWITHYOU ?

  7. Isabella Dabrowska сказал:

    India is going to be my first place to travel to. I'm so excited to see your adventures there. I think I'd like to eventually live in Turkey though. I hope to see some Istanbul videos from you there someday soon.

    Your editing and music choices are amazing !

  8. BACKPACKTOPIA сказал:

    Nepal was my first real solo trip way back in 2000. crossed the Himalayas (by car and on a tour) into Tibet. An 8 day trip from Kathmandu to Lhasa. I've been to lots and lots of countries since but Tibet (with Easter Island) is still my #1.
    If you can I highly recommend going to Tibet!

  9. Jan сказал:

    Wonderful airline review.! Great job, well done and please don't stop reviewing more airlines you fly with.! Enjoy Nepal, a wonderful country.! PS: Could you make a video of how Khatmandu looks today (especially when it comes to tourism perspective) after the EQ 2015. I think that'd be useful?

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