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Squatters have taken over a holiday resort in Venezuela, let’s see what’s inside. My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indigo.traveller/ -All my Venezuela …

23 мысли о “ABANDONED VENEZUELAN HOTEL (People Live Inside Rooms)

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    This was a heavy day for obvious reasons, I found myself constantly overwhelmed. A huge thank you to Jose for organising this day, translating and sharing his horrific story. He uploads regular photos to his instagram, check it out for a glimpse into a Venezuelan's life: https://www.instagram.com/ayarzamusic/ – Tell him I say hi!
    Much love to all Venezuelan's at home or abroad for what their nation is currently facing, our thoughts and hopes are with you all. ??

  2. Gem Pony сказал:

    a country with the richest oil reserve in the world – supposed to be well-developed and prosperous, yet destroyed by stupid politicians who dunno how to spend money well. This country needs a banker who knows cash flow and balance sheet to fix – not a stupid clown.

  3. Bodhisattva сказал:

    This is like others countries in some percentage, poor people still satellite to be indoctrinated by the government the system is way deep in them, they prefer brain wash instead of steal/plant/forage nutritional food… it's sad…

  4. nat lee сказал:

    They are squatters.These are the same people who voted fro Chavez and support Maduro,ignorant and simple minded.They got exactly what they deserved:FUCKED.The sad part is they dragged the middle class into their realm,and now they are all fleeing,and have the nerve to complain,the free ride they expected never happened,the middle class,for the most part, has left for better places,and the very poor are FUCKED their own fault.The rich,including Maduro and his cohorts are doing just fine!No sympathy here.They sold themselves for a bottle of rum….too bad.PS-That bleeding kid singing,needs a good slapping,he is annoying.

  5. biblemademedoit сказал:

    Depressing :(. Here in America we pay for removal of "poor" tenants personal belongings because they get so much help that when they move they leave everything and get all new again. I wish I could send them the massive amounts of things people leave instead of it landing in our landfills.

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