Abandoned Soviet Union Spy Base in Chernobyl (Anti-USA Propaganda)

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40 мыслей о “Abandoned Soviet Union Spy Base in Chernobyl (Anti-USA Propaganda)

  1. Gillian Wills сказал:

    That noise always used to happen to me. I could hear it through my headphones when I was travelling by train (London UK) and sometimes through the TV (before digital) if I had a txt message or call on my mobile… Quite common, but pretty scary if it is caused by radiation… I guess we are surrounded by the stuff!… xXx

  2. IntegrityRC сказал:

    It's crazy the sound from radiation is the same sound that my DJ equipment used to make when my cell phone would ring anywhere near the mixing board or record needles, etc. Especially in the late 90s and early 2000s.

  3. JK сказал:

    You’ve gained 4K subscribers in four days. I just can’t understand why you haven’t broken 2 million yet. Love the content.
    Who is the beat by at end during slide show?

  4. Mert Çelik сказал:

    I've watched all of your videos but when I see your Ukraine videos, I'm little bit dissappointed. I think, you had to get more information about Soviet era. I can easily say that guide who gave info you and your followers is totally anti-communist. Ukraine is the only country that hate Soviet Union today. When u ask Belarusian, Armenian, Siberian or any country/region that were under in Soviet Union would say that Soviet era was way much better than nowadays. During Cold War, do you think only Soviet Union had anti-propaganda tools? America and western countries did not know anything about Soviet Union. They just hated Soviet Union and communism. I've checked guide's web-site and their services are so expensive also they're scammers. Why they're hating Soviet Union? Also the tv-series called Chernobyl was clearly looking the situations from western eyes. I did not expect that from you Nick. You should have more information when you go trip any country.

  5. Raza Khan сказал:

    Its not propaganda. Its a fact. America invades, illegally sanctions and meddles all over the world. US has 800 military bases while Russia has some 40 bases. Not saying Russia (former USSR) is perfect. But they don't control the world militarily and economically.

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