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Vlog #34. “This has come as a surprise to everybody. The citizens, the nation and even within most of the government!” – Economic Affairs Secretary, Shaktikanta …


  1. A B сказал:

    It's our internal matter please don't say anything which you don't know about Indian government. Let the government do there job. And we what you trying to show. You watch your home let us watch our.

  2. Siddartha Pasupathy сказал:

    I feel sorry for what happened to you but after that lot of things happened. It actually motivated people to make digital transactions and you can now use mobile application like google pay or paytm upto ₹100k. You can do digital transactions even in small Chai shop or grocery store.

  3. Mat сказал:

    “I’ve seen people fighting police officers to get money out of bank, people being trampled” ?That is no different to what happens at train ticket counter at New Delhi railway station on a normal day, or at an alcohol store counter on any day. That is just part of the craziness of the India I love. ? ? (That was 25 years ago, but I have no doubts that it is still the same today!)

  4. Yashmilan Kaur сказал:

    Demonitization in india is the most failure episode till now. It was the failure of stupid pm modi govt as well.
    We suffered a lot but still black money prevails. . Nothing changed for better. We feel ashamed to be called indian.
    Our pm is worst than Kim Jong un. Don't come again to this hindu rashtr please.
    Take care.
    ..a proud Atheist. ..

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