A MESSAGE to IRAN from an AMERICAN ???? (زیرنویس فارسی)

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Iran and America. The vast majority of Americans and Iranians don’t want a conflict. A war between the two countries benefits nobody. MY IRAN VIDEOS …

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  1. Peter Santenello сказал:

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  2. shahilagh сказал:

    You are fortunate and lucky not because of going to iran two times but because of having the gift of open mind and open eyes an heart. I left iran many years ago and I too feel very fortunate! Because travel expanded my mind. And I studied science and work in science. Now my unit of analysis is individuals! Every person is different and I encourage everyone to go and see everywhere with open eyes and open heart.

  3. Mani Pixel сказал:

    Tanks ❤❤❤❤?
    من یه ایرانیم و از تو ممنونم
    میدونی بیشتر مواقع به خودم میگم
    چرا آیفون زبان فارسی نداره یا چرا بیشتر اپلیکیشن ها و بازی های پر طرفدار دنیا زبان فارسی ندارن یا چرا باید یه آمریکایی با ۳۰ ماه حقوق کارگری بتونه یه ماشین عالی بخره و یه ایرانی با ۳۰ ماه حقوق کارگری نتونه حتی بدترین
    ماشین ایرانیو که استاندارد ایمنی هم نداره نتونه بخره میدونی من بچگی به مامانم میگفتم
    مامان چرا منو تو ایران به دنیا آوردی ؟ چرا منو تو آمریکا به دنیا نیاوردی؟ من توی کشورم با ترس زندگی میکنم هنوز هم آرزومه که یک روزی از ایران برم و بیام آمریکا و مثل یک انسان معمولی زندگی کنم?

  4. Mohamad x20 сказал:

    میدونی دنیا ایران پر از سختی و تاریخ هست خب من و بقیه افتخار میکنیم که ایرانی هستیم مهم نیست بقیه چی میگن مهم این هست که با هم هستیم مرسی ❤❤❤❤❤⁦??⁩⁦??⁩⁦??⁩⁦??⁩⁦??⁩

  5. 2m Bb сказал:

    We Iranians have no problem with anyone, we just want to establish our past empire and we will not fight anyone in this way. We just defend

    In our culture, loving guests is institutional. To be honest, we are ashamed to tell our guests to leave our house. We put the best food in front of our guests. Whether American, Russian or English.

    But your governments are boycotting us. They do not allow medicine to reach our patients.

    But that was not the end of the matter. They assassinated our lovely general with false accusations. We think the American people are honorable. But if Trump votes again, we can be sure that the American people, like his government, are our enemies. After that, our treatment of you Americans will be the same as it was with your government .
    i love you from iran .

  6. paria ghafari сказал:

    You see, we don't really have a problem with the American people and the Western countries, but it's our politicians who want to say that the United States is bad. In my opinion, this is very wrong. The presidents of Iran do not allow us to have the right to choose, and this makes other countries think very badly about us.

  7. Mary Ak. сказал:

    Hello,You've uploaded this video before and I've seen it now!
    Everything you said is absolutely true.
    It is clear that you are a very precise and intelligent person.
    Thank you for saying everything.
    I am glad that you show that we Iranians are not bad people.
    I wish that most Iranians respect tourists
    When we all travel to other countries as tourists, they should respect us and not run away from us.
    Thank you again for your honest comments .
    good luck!!!!!!

  8. Ur Ur сказал:

    Thank you very much for all d videos u made, i do respect d effort u made. Thank you for all the things u've said , you just touched our hearts, we iranians love americans❤ u r such a humble beautiful guy.

  9. Parsa Zandi сказал:

    I am from Iran
    از ویدئویی که گرفتی خیلی متشکرم خیلی ممنون که واقعیت رو نشون میدی ما ایرانی ها مانند تمام مردم جهان دوستدار مردم و انسان دوستی هستیم ما با سیاست امریکا بسیار مشکل داریم اما این به هیچ وجه دلیل نمیشه که با مردم امریکا مشکل داشته باشیم ??????.thanks

  10. Karma81 сказал:

    Well my message to Americans is – IF you cannot control what decisions your Govt or Congress takes – Stop calling yourself the "World's biggest Democracy" and other BS !
    You are not a democracy… You are a Plutocracy – ruled by Rich Mofos and Special Interests and lobbyists.

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