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I’d love to connect with all of you! Whether you’re from Pakistan or thinking of going, this is an open format of questions, answers, and conversation. I traveled the …


  1. Peter Santenello сказал:

    Hi Guys! So we had a bit of a problem with the Facebook live stream that I was doing at the same time that didn't work. Plus Ramadan is going on so a lot of people said it was bad timing. So I will do another one of these Live Streams in the near future. I'll post when in the Community Tab in upcoming days. I really enjoyed taking your questions and talking about Pakistan 🙂 I hope to connect with you all soon! -Peter

  2. Ali Qureshi сказал:

    You are now officially my favourite travel blogger. I love hearing your honest opinion, fair open minded and quite knowledgeable. Will definitely miss your Pakistan series as a Pakistani. Excited for any future videos!

  3. Zakriya Jahangir сказал:

    if you ever get a chance of visiting again to Pakistan kindly do visit Sherwan. this will provide you a great source of amazement to you! as you already visited the famous tourist spots of Pakistan so now its time to visit northern parts of KPK like Mansehra, Azad Kashmir, Murree, Thandiyani, Shinkiari, Shogran, Naran, Kaghan, Balakot, mira jani, Babusar top, Mushkpuri! you will explore lot of many adventurous as well as a historical places there like guest houses and wooden huts built during Britishers rule over sub continent.

  4. faisal Jan сказал:

    You follow too much of "Geo Politics" especially about KPK and Peshawar. I am from Peshawar and was approached by Americans not on the streets but because I had visited the US and believe me when I say "dodgy governmental employees" is an understatement to who they were . They were not interested in our culture, food, or traditions. I do not blame them to represent the whole american society nor do I put it in the "Geo politics" bag. 🙂
    The irony is that a "white" american friend living in Florida that I know told me to steer clear of these American guys. 🙂

  5. Deceptive World сказал:

    Good stuff bro, nice to see you gave an honest opinion of my home country Pakistan. Here in the UK us Brits don't often hold back, we can be blunt but I think it's a good thing in a way. I would still say the UK is hospitable in many senses but sure we do have some proper scum here as well just like most places in the world. Far right politicians and uncontrolled immigration are a massive reason for that alongside the far right media.

  6. tooba Imran сказал:

    @ Peter Santenello

    I am a Pakistani woman. Love your series. The point that you have made about Pakistan being less colorful is because you never got to socialise with families and women. We have this saying in Urdu which means "Color in the universe is from the presence of women". And trust me there is a lot of color in Pakistan.
    I think you focused more on seeing the life of the lower financial class of Pakistan, more in the streets and downtown (They are amazing people and i love and respect all my country men) but if you had met more middle class people you would have met loads of educated women like you did in Saudi Arabia. Actually Pakistani women are very fashionable in a covered sort of a way and also highly educated.
    Plus you never really got to stay with Pakistani families. that would have been a colorful and amazingly hospitable experience for you.

    Please do come back and try that. Speak to the women. They wont mind and the world would get a true picture.
    You are always welcome.

  7. Atlas сказал:

    Peter, I find what your doing is very unique in the travel space! Keep up the great videos! Maybe do a video on current travel restrictions? Also, maybe YouTube thought you were Johnny Sins and demonetized your account!

  8. Abdul Rahman Saeed сказал:

    Hi Peter! Loved this live stream, Thank you for giving us your time. You are a rare open minded western who has great stories to tell.
    I love your work and i'm a huge fan of your content! I have a humble request:

    Can you please also go through your footage and upload extras for Pakistan? I cant get enough of you exploring the streets and the interactions that come with it. In these unprecedented times, mostly all of us are staying home and it would be a sweet getaway. Pleasee upload extras from your Pakistan series. Thank you 🙂

  9. Zoki Poki сказал:

    I really like Pakistani people, they are amazing, especially Peshawar people's… So much welcoming, extremely friendly, with an opened heart and ready to help… Pakistan deserves to visit one day…
    Regards from Macedonia

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