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45 мыслей о “$80 CAMERA VS. $800 CAMERA

  1. Mischievous T сказал:

    Hey Nick, I watched your videos about MORROCO, loved them! I wanted to ask you, in your videos you were eating strawberries straight from the shopping bag , salads, corn on the cob… You didn't get sick at all? I'm going next week and people keep telling me not to eat fruits you can't peel and uncooked vegetables.

  2. Shafkat Rafim сказал:

    I know that you’re a Traveler but Why don’t you just settle in Bangladesh or buy a Place here in Bangladesh and Visit Bangladesh Frequently, I’m Sure it will be good for your channel and we will also get more entertained.
    Anyways, If you have read this Comment up to here then Thank You So Much. Love from Bangladesh ?? ❤️

  3. e-Xtreme Gaming сказал:

    #Bangladeshi! Watching all your videos!!!
    WEll, I personally fell that the $80 camera was better in few tests than the $800 one. But you know $800 one is overall the best! BTW, if your camera doesn't focus on your hands then joint your fingers together, then it will easily focus and then unjoint your fingers again!

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