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PLEASE WATCH & LISTEN TO THE WHOLE VIDEO BEFORE COMMENTING*** As you can tell by the title, I was robbed in Marrakech. A very hard but valuable …

37 мыслей о “$300 DOLLARS CASH STOLEN in MOROCCO المغرب

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    This is not a representation of the whole of Morocco, this is just a very small dark piece of my mostly amazing time here so far. Please do not take anything out of context. Thank you for watching guys!

  2. Robert Anderson сказал:

    Nick, in Spain there is also the "dirty bird" pickpocket where as you walk across a plaza, someone brushes the back of your coat saying that there were bird droppings on your coat, and before you realize it, the hands that were all over you are now gone with your wallet.

  3. Jonas Kiselis сказал:

    I remember myself visiting Marrakech around 4 years ago. There were many people approching me without any obvious reasons and offering their help. When seeing this I became very cautious. One person asked for €2 just for talking to him for a couple of minutes 😀

  4. Trent Lee сказал:

    I seen a lot of your videos and you are too friendly with the locals. They probably look at you like a gullible guy that can be easy to rob (lamb to the slaughter)

    Your lesson should be this

    1. Never leave wallet in your back pack. Always keep it on you in a secure pocket, at the front or side. Wear cargo pants with plenty of pockets.

    2. Use a chain on your wallet attached to your pants

    3. Never put all your eggs in one basket, hence the cargo pants, split cash in different pockets. And don't put all your credit cards inside wallet. Have them secure (back in hotel locker)

    4. Never flash large amounts of money in public

    5. Beware of locals coming up to you smiling and acting friendly THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.

    Peace out, cool videos by the way. You just act gullible at times hehe

  5. Trev Channel сказал:

    I had a friend that had her purse snatched from her right in a church in Rome, when visiting the Vatican. Yes, in the church at midday. She screamed but he was gone in no time. These people know who the tourists are and make their mark, and they are watching you.

  6. S H сказал:

    I wish you talked in this video about how you reacted and recovered. Whom did you call? What steps you took after finding out your wallet was stolen? How come the backup credit card wasn't in your wallet? Such information and advice would be very helpful to people watching your videos.

  7. El dorado сказал:

    Wear cargo long pants or cargo shorts with pockets in front that button or zip, keep your wallet in one your passport in the other…..lm a experience YouTube Traveler and there's a reason they make them , granted they might not look so good

  8. phiber9 сказал:

    In Tunisia (Djerba island) I once left a laptop on the cafe table and my bag with about €500 and $200 in the front pocket, I counted the money before leaving it there and went about 50m away to pay my bill. Nobody touched anything. Tunisia still cut off the hands of thieves at that time if I remember correctly (this was in 2007).

  9. Giuseppe Pucci сказал:

    ALWAYS put your wallet ( with just one credit card and copies , NOT THE ORIGINALS, of your passport and driving license ) on your pants’ FRONT POCKET covered with a shirt or a sweater . A money belt is highly advised if you happen to travel in the middle of the summer ( or in very hot climate )and cannot wear anything else than a t -shirt

  10. Mary Rose D сказал:

    My friend was robbed in Agadir, Morocco. Moroccans are very quick. Police were not helpful in Agadir. In fact rather rude. Also watch out for children in Morocco. They are light fingered. Children are not charged so poor kids are sent out to beg and unfortunately steal.

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