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Iran is an exceptional country to travel to. Here are 11 solid reasons why you should go. MY IRAN VIDEOS …

Одна мысль о “11 REASONS Why You Should TRAVEL TO IRAN ??

  1. shahilagh сказал:

    You remind me of Anthony bourdain … in a sense that what you describe is first hand … it just shows your emotional intelligence and your openness to the world. This is a blessing. Enjoy and good for you and thanks for sharing all of your experiences about anywhere on the planet

  2. Dave Johnson сказал:

    Such an amazing country and amazing people. I had no idea it was such a beautiful place until i watched Peter's whole journey. The western media portrays it very differently. I would most certainly want to visit Iran now. Thank you Peter, and thank you to the Iranians for being such genuine, friendly and welcoming people! I will see you soon Iran.

  3. Capt777harris сказал:

    2:37 which to me says they don't understand American politics, because politicians are Americans elected freely by Americans, and the sanctions are there to punish the regime for waging a terrorist war in the region against Saudi Arabia. I'm not sure you understand that, much less the Iranians you're spending time with.

  4. Samineh Kh сказал:

    I am an Iranian Peter, living in Canada. The truth about Iran is that people are friendly and nice, they don't hate America at all; they are experiencing such hard living conditions because of mismanagement of our leaders because they are illiterate and hostile.
    The country is going down and down every single day; our money value, our economic, our history, our culture, our beliefs have all changed by Islamic Republic. Ever since they came, they have been trying to kill, damage, harm, destroy everyone and everything in Iran.
    I truly hope we can get rid of those fanatics in charge and change our government as soon as possible before Iran becomes North Korea.
    and thank you for sweet videos, I really miss my dear Iran.

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