1 DAY as a TOURIST in SOMALIA (Extreme Travel Somalia)

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Exploring more of Somalia and travelling to the coast! -My Instagram for photos of Somalia: http://indigotraveller.space/Instagram -My Venezuela Trip Videos: …

27 мыслей о “1 DAY as a TOURIST in SOMALIA (Extreme Travel Somalia)

  1. BOSS Sawda сказал:

    i am not going to watch the video because all i see you are trying to do is to part somalis away isnt it enough that we have 5 somali groups living in 5 different groups do you want to make it 6 ? stop with your unrealistic reasons of why somaliland is safer than somalia cause somaliland is no different then any other lands in somalia

  2. rui simões сказал:

    Hi…You starting to become an inspiration to me…I'm used to travel for a bit, pretty much as you do (and with my wife) but only once a year and for 1 month…and luckly, I've been in almost the same you have but…not this one!…You're such a nice guy and, for me, that's one of the things you have to be when you travel solo if you want to make it right for you!!…I came across with the Bangladesh videos because I miss a lot the time when I was there and those videos really cheered me up!!!….Best of luck and continue with those amazing travels!…

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