1 DAY AS A TOURIST IN PAKISTAN (This is Pakistan?)

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A trip to a remote region of Northern Pakistan, incredible day. -My INSTAGRAM: http://indigotraveller.space/Instagram -Music used in my videos (Free 30 trial): …

36 мыслей о “1 DAY AS A TOURIST IN PAKISTAN (This is Pakistan?)

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    ? Getting up in the mountains in Pakistan was one of my favourite parts of the trip. I hope you enjoy the video and it brings a little entertainment in these difficult times for all. I want to say a huge thank you to Shahbaz and Babar for being such great ambassadors for their misunderstood and beautiful country. ❤ ??
    Stay up to date with my photos and updates here: https://www.instagram.com/indigo.traveller/

    Look after yourself and each other,

    Nick ❤

  2. Izharnews PK сказал:

    وادی سون کے خوبصورت چشموں، گنگناتی آبشاروں، بلندو بلا پہاڑوں، سرسبز وشاداب باغات اور خوبصورت جھیلوں کے مناظر سے لطف اندوز ہونے کے لیے اس چینل کو سبسکرائب کریں، ویڈیوز دیکھیں پسند آنے کی صورت میں لائیک کریں اور اگر آپ کسی قسم کا فیڈ بیک دینا چاہیں تو کمنٹس کریں


  3. Far West сказал:

    Didn't realize there are so many different regions in Pakistan….I could almost smell the mountain air and feel the chill from the snow….the guides were great, the food is good and your vacation dollars go along way….NICE.
    Keep that content coming…….?

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