?GOA IS CRAZY | India Travel?

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Vlog #36. I finally leave Bangalore after 3 grueling, painful weeks with the currency change. #IndianGovernment. Great to arrive in a beach town to relax without …

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  1. Sayan Maitra сказал:

    About the auto drivers, well you are absolutely right. They behave like this with people who are not local, be it foreigners or Indians. The same goes for local shop owners as well. This really is a sad situation tbh. We the people of India tend to be more racist towards our own people and it's really sad. Anyhow Nick, great series, loving every video you are sharing. Best wishes.

  2. Gold Pixie сказал:

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  3. Denise G- Hill сказал:

    For those who are so critical have you seen the videos of tent cities in some cities in California, loads of homeless living on the streets with mental health alcohol and drug problems and the appalling slum areas of Chicago New York and Detroit just to mention a few etc etc and from local people not the MSM.

  4. Hameed Urrehman сказал:

    Water is toxic in Bangalore as they dont have clean fresh water……Even vegetables are grown in dirty water and no good for health.Please do a little research on Google before going back there again……Please be careful with water in India..There is no such a thing as clean drinking water in India not even the bottled water is safe enough to drink.Google it

  5. Daoistify сказал:

    My 28 year old son died in Goa. We don’t know what happened to him. Foreigners die there all the time. If you are are young person especially a female please be extremely cautious. It’s a beautiful place with a very dark dangerous reputation.

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